Gelostandard’s continuous research and development in solutions for the best possible preservation of ice cream has given rise to  GELOLAB, our technical laboratory for the design of innovative products.

With GELOLAB we have broken the design mould, launching on the market a really revolutionary ice cream machine which allows you to produce, preserve and serve ice cream, as well as remove and use the tub to display the product in the showcase, ready for sale.  Discover ShowLab, the revolutionary batch freezer created by GELOLAB.

SHOWLAB, the ice cream showcase laboratory

The future of artisanal ice cream has a new name: ShowLab, the showcase-machine for making artisanal ice cream. Created through GELOLAB’s expertise, it allows you to produce, preserve and display ice cream and at the same time to remove the pan to preserve the ice cream directly in the showcase.

It has always been our vocation to achieve technologically innovative and high performance solutions for preserving ice cream, but with the ShowLab batch freezer we have really outdone ourselves!

By following our technology and quality standards, we have created an ice cream machine able to carry out different functions simultaneously, from the production and removal of artisanal ice cream to its display in the showcase.


Through the continuous production of artisanal ice cream, Showlab allows for production and display of the product. 

Showlab is equipped with:

  • an extractable stainless steel production tub (patent pending) equipped with teflon scrapers which optimize the production cycle (patent pending)
  • a pre-cooling system for reducing the bacteria count (patent pending)

Showlab lets you:

  • produce and create the desired quantity of ice cream
  • produce continuously without washing due to the removability of the pan
  • produce and then display the produced ice cream in any showcase or drop-in freezer chests
  • have a perfect view of the displayed product without fogging, due to the use of a heated plexiglass  and pyrolytic glass dome
  • When it is not in the production stage, Showlab allows you to maintain ice cream at the right temperature.  Reduced churning speeds in the pan during the maintenance stage causes less stress on the ice cream, thus avoiding excessive texture loss in the ice cream.

There are countless advantages to using the inverter, which optimizes maintenance cycles and regulates churning speeds in the pan:

  • Increased churning speed in the production stage, incorporating a greater volume of air
  • Reduced churning speed in the pan during the maintenance stage with less stress on the ice cream, thus avoiding excessive texture loss in the ice cream
  • Reduced energy consumption