A professional display case for pastry shops with two or three display shelves and heated, upward-open chamber glass available in the following configurations:

  • Ventilated display case with refrigerated surface and shelves. In this configuration, the refrigeration of the display surface and the two shelves is guaranteed (in display cases with three shelves, the third is notrefrigerated).The airflowis electronically controlled. The system has a double evaporator to guarantee the right relative humidity.
  • Ventilated modules with refrigerated surfaces. In this configuration, the display surface is guaranteed to maintain a uniform temperature. The shelves are neutral and to eliminate the heat produced by the neon lampswe recommend installing the (optional) lampshade cooling. This is also true of the version with removable shelf. in the static configuration module, the surface is refrigerated by air convection without forced ventilation.
  • LT modules for keeping ice cream cakes and produced with the ice cream shop tub and the system is equippedwith reverse-cycle defrostingwith a semisealed unit.
  • The neutral modules can be used for bread or dry pastry.
  • Modules with hot surface. These are made by adding heating elements under the display surface to keep products at the desired temperature.
  • Praline modules. Suitable for preserving chocolate with controlled temperature (from +12 to +15 °C) and humidity (50%-70%). All configurations can be canalized with Elite line ice cream modules.