Light and colours combined with a perfect technology have been inspiring MASTERKING project: a new line of vertical cabinets created to satisfy every needing in professional icecream and pastry displaying.
The continuous work of Gelostandard research department made possible the creation of such an advanced project both for design and technology point of view.
Every cabinet has 4 glass sides for a perfect 360° visibility of displayed product.
The particular construction technique of magnetronic glass (with double chamber with inert gas injection into the two chambers), grants minimum thermal dispersion and, consequently, absence of external fogging, maximum performances with reduced consumptions and lower applied power.
Load-bearing structure, as well as all profiles containing glasses, are in anodized aluminum to grant longest lasting in time.
Any other component is made of stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 or materials with low thermal conduction.
As far as glasses serigraphy is concerned, besides black and white, it is available a wide range of shades for any furniture exigency.
The care on details, available colours and materials used make MASTERKING be a product of excellence destined to satisfy the most exacting requests.