A professional display case available in versions for ice cream shops (H 1330), combined pastry and ice cream shops(H 1330, pastry case with one shelf) and pasty shops, with two shelves (H 1482). Each module consists of two superimposed tubs that form two separate environments.
This allows having differentiated temperatures in the combinations NT/ NT, NT/LT in pastry shops and LT/LT, LT/NT in ice cream shops.
Ice cream shop modules have the same technical characteristics as the Spring model display cases(professional display case and continuous operation with separate defrost).
Pasty shop modules can be supplied in a ventilated configuration with refrigerated shelves or static without refrigerated shelves.
The front and side glasses on Shine new modules are made of doubleinsulated chamber glass with low-emission heated glass on the outside.
The finishing pieces are bright polished aluminum and the front glass opens with a gas spring, even in the lower part.
Lighting on every model is realised with power LED