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excellent cold, from over 50 years.

Based in Italy and in North America, we have been designing and building professional showcases for ice cream and pastry shops for over 50 years, choosing the finest materials to offer an experience of excellence from every point of view.

A point of reference in the technology of cold, our philosophy is based on understanding customer needs. Design, quality, innovation, assistance and customization are the keys that distinguish our projects.

GeloLab was born from the years of experience of GeloStandard, the research and development laboratory that deals with studying the most exclusive technologies in the field of ice cream production, conservation and display, to improve the professional standards of our partners.


Today GeloStandard produces a complete range of extremely advanced products for ice cream and pastry. A work resulting from a long experience that combines technology and quality. Each professional showcase contains a technology that guarantees high performance. Each component used is subject to accurate controls that guarantee its reliability. Each material is carefully selected to ensure durability over time. Each test is strict and carried out by highly qualified personnel.

GeloStandard is a guarantee of quality.

Why choose GeloStandard?

The excellence of the GeloStandard showcases is the synthesis of care and sophisticated design, together with a skilful balance between innovation and craftsmanship.
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