The future of artisanal ice cream

Discover the revolution

From the innovation and experience of GeloStandard we present you: GeloLab. GeloLab is our avant-garde lab in the world of professional refrigeration. It gives unique solutions for the production, storage and display of ice cream. An elegant and prestigious showcase.

Welcome, Showlab

Elegance and efficiency of the most prestigious showcases and ice cream machines all in one product: ShowLab the permanent show-cooking for your business.


A Lab-showcase able to perform multiple functions at the same time: from stirring to display everything  can be controlled.


The plexiglass and pyrolytic heated dome-shaped glass allows a beautiful and fogless product display.


ShowLab keeps your icecream in the best conditions at the right and costant temperature. With reduced rotation cycles in the tub that avoids de-icing.


It’s equipped with an inverter that optimizes machine cycles and allows the variations of tub cycles, keeping the ice cream taste and texture for long periods.


It has an integrated touch screen that shows the ice cream temperature during both production and storage and a setting for flavor memorization.


ShowLab values artisanal ice cream production and is the epitome of reduced energy consumption production time and space needed that to its multiple functions.

SHOWLAB uses liquid nitrogen technology

Liquid nitrogen keeps your product quality, freshness, taste and flavour intact.


ShowLab charms the viewer with its elegance and the user’s for its  features. ShowLab efficiency and user friendliness makes it ideal for your franchise.
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